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Beverly Reordan is a woman of many talents.

Her passion is art -- there is no question. The seashell motif presented in this website is a metaphor for the layering, building, insight and growth that is evident in her work and a reflection of her lifestyle. In her artwork, the past, present and future are represented through studies of landscapes, architecture, portraiture, and recently, found objects in assemblages.

"As an artist, I am constantly rearranging, collecting, gathering, designing, seeing, hearing and feeling... I do my work out of joy and to maintain a personal sense of peace. My art is a voyage of exploration and discovery. Through my art, I seek contact with my own inner essence and hope to inspire a similar acknowledgement of self-actualization in those who enjoy my work..." -- Beverly Reordan

Reordan has a unique way of mixing media, cultures, techniques and juxtaposing ideas in a refreshing way. A world-traveler, she is very much an experienced artist "of the day" with an eye on "what's next".

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Parties interested in purchasing or exhibiting a Beverly Reordan painting may contact her by clicking the email icon.

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